Our Aim: Make the wisest home investments for your money and the Earth.

Plato defined wisdom as “knowledge of the good and courage to act accordingly “and to seek the right balance between all that exists.” What we today might call sustainability.


Our Services:
We provide education, consulting, design, installations, locksmith services (courtesy of our partner — locksmith kenmore), maintenance & products to support our aim

Our Specialties include:
Water efficiency, greywater & rain harvesting systems – grey is the new green! – Sustainable, productive landscaping with a special focus on food and shelter – Home water efficiency expertise including solar water heat, high efficiency boilers, radiant heating- Energy efficiency diagnosis, including weatherization & utility reductions – Green Finance SF Vendor and information on other tax breaks, grants, & incentives – Providing you with the ‘know how’ to do it right

Please check out Greg’s latest Greywater presentation for Google on You Tube

Our Definition:
Bang (băng) – Pleasure – A great deal of pleasure, e.g.  You’ll get a real bang out of it

Green (grēn)
– Advocating protection of the environment and solutions made without environmental harm, e.g. we produce green or environmentally and ecologically friendly solutions, for example by using renewable resources

– Money (slang), e.g. our improvements will show a clear return on your investment and grow your ‘green’ with your ‘green’

Buck (bŭk)
– Dollar (n.) – money cash dough, e.g. you will make a solid return on your buck

– Responsibility (n.) – Take accountability or responsibility, e.g. We won’t pass the buck to others.